MAO MAK MAG 3 - Photography Zine Launch Party and Exhibition

It has been 3 years since the launch of photographer Graham Meyer’s original zines MAO MAK MAG 1 & 2; which featured late night escapades and absurd situations among friends and strangers in bars, homes, and around the streets of Bangkok. MAO MAK MAG 3 will be the last in the series, embodying 3 years of (mostly) after hours photographs. Hundreds of prints will be displayed on two floors of JAM, along with audio recordings of conversations had while drinking with others.

On the final night of the exhibition, anyone who donated 100 baht or more could tear down and keep anything from the walls.

The opening was held on Nov 11 2017 with a closing party on Dec 3 2017. -48842000px.jpg -49102000px.jpg -48882000px.jpg -48042000px.jpg -49092000px.jpg -49052000px.jpg -48822000px.jpg -48912000px.jpg -48002000px.jpg -48262000px.jpg -48082000px.jpg -48152000px.jpg -47832000px.jpg -48342000px.jpg -48052000px.jpg -47932000px.jpg -48072000px_1.jpg -48032000px.jpg -48272000px.jpg -47822000px.jpg -47942000px.jpg